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PREMIUM CBD softgels

These CBD Softgels are for everyday use. This dietary supplement has 25mg of CBD Oil built with nano-emulsion technology to make a water soluble solution. This allows for high bio-avalability and absortion rate.  



This CBD Oil is Organic, USDA approved, and goes by the name Mystic Mint. Simply put a drop under your tongue and enjoy the benefits of this creation.


This Starter pack includes the Mystic Mint CBD Tincture 450mg,  the Strawberry Gummies Vegan 10mg per serving, and the Lavender Eucalyptus Salve / Balm 500mg.  

Broad Spectrum
Hemp-Derived CBD

We have a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil that is masterfully crafted and used in many of our offerings. This CBD Oil is refined to have No THC. This Oil is made by the All American Farmer using best practices in processing to deliver consistent results. This is a premium process that costs us more, but we can deliver more, and that's what we like to do. Looking forward to helping you on your "Life Journey".


" The sports lotion really helps with my lower back. I am very active and this helps keep me going."

"I am very thankful"

   - MarcI.

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