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First off, our brand is really easy to work with. We bring on Influencers that are all about Sports, Fitness, and Outdoor Activities!

Our Affiliate Program is very limited, we are only allowing 50 Affiliates to participate in the growth of our company. You must have both an Instagram & TikTok Account to become an Amplify Organics Affiliate.

You as an Affiliate will receive a product of your choice as well as a Custom Discount Code which is also up to you to decide on. This discount code will give your followers 10% OFF of any product on the store.


Affiliates are given a 12% Commission for every product that is sold using their personalized discount code. Unlike other brands, we offer a Commission Boost of 8% for Affiliates who do more than 25 Orders Per Month.

Depending on the amount of active followers that you have, the amount of sales generated per month may vary as expected. As of now, Amplify Organics has fantastic conversion rates for Influencers who have a target audience of people who enjoy Sports, Fitness, and the Outdoors.

Example 1:

You had 25 Customers use your Affiliate Code:

25 Orders x 12% = Total Revenue

Example 2:

You had 50 Customers use your Affiliate Code:

25 Orders x 12% = Total Revenue

25 Orders x 20% (Includes 8% Boost) = Total Revenue

Image by Kyrylo Kholopkin


We payout our Affiliates at the end of every month via PayPal. You will get a PayPal Invoice with a Live Recording of the total amount of customers that have used your code at checkout within the month.


If we have not already contacted you personally, then simply fill out the contact form on this page to get connected with our Affiliate Team.


Expect a response in less than 48 hours.

*Remember, the amount you can make from our Affiliate Program is completely up to you!*

Thanks for submitting!
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